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Gonzalo Colo. Leader of the company.
In 2006 I moved from California to Washington to join colleagues who had work connections in Seattle. Initially, I started working under construction contracts, but soon changed directions and began focusing on remodeling and painting.
In these first years I did a great deal of carpentry, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, interior/exterior painting, and adding new additions to commercial and residential units. After a total of 9 years in the field gaining hands-on experience and knowledge, I decided it was time to start my own business. Getting a business off the ground is hard work, but I know that it’s worth it. Every day Colo Painting and Remodeling strives to offer the best services in the Puget Sound region to our clients; we do this because we know the best way to grow a business is through an excellent customer service experience and a quality product. When the customer is happy, we are happy. Thank you for considering Colo Remodeling & Painting for your next project. We promise that our team family will do our best to provide you with the highest quality customer service experience possible.