When we started remodeling this old house in Seattle, we wanted to do it right. We knew from the start that we wanted to create a space that would reflect the new owner’s taste and style. 

As you can see in the pictures, we made it look amazing! For example, one of our biggest challenges was a big leak on the basement walls, which means the foundation had areas where rainwater was coming from to keep the basement flooring and walls constantly wet. A draining system was installed and the problem was solved.

Due to the age of this property, its heating system was obsolete. We decommissioned its old oil tank, so now this property has an electric heating and cooling system. 

The house used to have a single bathroom with only one toilet; now it has four restrooms with white finishes and spectacular lighting—all with skylights to make you feel like you’re in a prime spot.

A dream kitchen was built with tons of space to put your kitchen supplies. There is also a wet bar in the basement, which has access from both levels—a deck on top and a window leading into it off of the basement level. The new design makes sure that every space is still available for use.