Welcome to Colo Painting & Remodeling

This project was a kitchen update and remodel.

The client was impressed by our work and ecstatic about the aesthetics of their new kitchen. When the customer is satisfied, we are satisfied!

Our process for completing the project:

  • First, we protected all sensitive areas in the house by covering the floor, furniture, and any other sensitive areas.
  • Next we demoed the kitchen, removing the backsplash and countertop. 
  • We then prepped the cabinets by giving them a light sanding.
  • After sanding we applied primer, followed with another light sanding, and finished by painting the cabinets.
  • Once the cabinets were in place we installed the countertop granite.
  • Next we installed the backsplash tiles, grouting them in place and applying sealant.
  • Finally, we removed all the protective materials, cleaned up excess supplies, and presented the newly designed space to the owner.