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As the work was flowing, we found many setbacks that the team overcame.

For example, one of these was a big leak on the basement walls, which means, the foundation had areas where the rainwater was coming to keep the basement flooring and wall constantly wed. Therefore a draining system was installed and the problem was solved.

Due to the house age, the heating system was obsolete. The big oil tank was decommissioned and removed. Now, this property has an electric heating and cooling system.

The house used to have a single bathroom. Four bathrooms were designated for this upgrade, all of them with white finish and spectacular lighting. The master bathroom has a skylight directly to the bathtub area to make you feel in a very special spot.

A dream kitchen was built, with tons of space to put your kitchen supplies and countertop area to enjoy every moment spend in the kitchen.

A wet bar in the basement, a big window to access the house from the basement, deck...

New and modern design that allows the new owner to enjoy every space of the house