Welcome to Colo Painting & Remodeling

This exterior painting project was one of the first of the season.

This house was a drab green color that we brightened with light blue paint, white trim, and dark accented colors on the doors, steps, and window shutters. The customer was so happy with our finished work that they invited us to make other recommendations for projects on site.

Our process for completing the project

  • First we pressure washed the whole exterior.
  • Next we prepped all surfaces through sanding, scraping, protecting sensitive areas (doors, windows), and replacing minor wood damage on the south side porch.
  • We then caulked windows, doors, and any other discovered gaps.
  • Next we applied primer to all the painting surfaces.
  • After the primer had dried, we painted the house siding.
  • Lastly, we homed in on the detail work: trim, window, railing, front porch steps, and door painting.
  • After carefully looking over all our work, we cleaned up any left-over materials and presented the finished work to the owner.