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Commercial Painting Seattle WA

Commercial Interior and Exterior Painters

Commercial Painting Seattle Wa

Any business owner knows that first impressions are everything. That applies to your interactions with customers, the quality of your service, and even the appearance of your building itself. If your business looks run down from the outside, many potential customers will turn away before even giving you a chance. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your commercial property’s exterior paint looks its very best. Good quality exterior paint also protects your structure from weathering.

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way toward maintaining your professional image in the eyes of your clients. That’s why it pays to have a professional painting company on your side. The team at Colo Painting & Remodeling is eager to help our commercial clients keep their property looking the best it can.

Commercial and Residential Painting Services

We’ll handle any commercial paint job, whether you need the whole interior repainted or a simple touch-up of your building’s exterior. We know that having contractors in your commercial space can be disruptive to business operations. That’s why our experienced painters are committed to working quickly and efficiently — without sacrificing quality. Whether you own a small business or a large office building, a quality paint job can make all the difference in the world.

If your commercial property’s current paint job looks a bit worn down, give us a call. Our team is proud to work with homeowners and business owners all over the Seattle area. We hold our customers’ satisfaction as a top priority. Don’t hesitate to raise any questions or concerns you have during the process. Throughout your project, we make sure it’s a collaborative process. Above all, we want you to have an amazing experience.

Professional Commercial Painting Company

Our painting process is equally thorough and detailed in every project we take. It starts with taping edges and covering furniture to control paint drips. We’ll also handle any minor repairs before we start, such as spackling holes and caulking gaps, to ensure a smooth painting surface and strong paint adhesion. Following that, the area will be cleaned, primed, and finally painted! Generally, we use two coats of paint on each surface, but your paint job could take more or fewer depending on the color and type of paint.

Once we’ve finished up, we’ll inspect our work ourselves, and then we’ll walk through the painted area with you to ensure that you’re pleased with our work. If you notice any spots we missed, feel free to point them out to us! We’ll make sure everything meets your expectations before we call the job complete. Once you’re happy with the paint job, we’ll clean up after ourselves completely. Besides the fresh coat of paint, it’ll be like we were never there!

Friendly and Skilled Commercial Painting Contractors

Commercial Painting Services Seattle

Quality service isn’t just about skilled work; it’s about building positive customer relationships. We strive to include our clients at every step of the process, so everyone is on the same page. From the estimate stage to the final walkthrough of your property, you’ll know exactly what our team is doing. We’ll work with you to create a plan for high-quality commercial painting services that meets your budget expectations.

At Colo Painting & Remodeling, we’re proud to offer our quality painting services to businesses all over the Seattle area. We have a commitment to exceptional service to every single client. As a small business, we can promise excellent customer service and individual attention to every job; it’s this dedication to customer satisfaction that sets us apart in the commercial painting industry. Whether your building needs interior or exterior painting, count on the professional painters at Colo P&R. Give us a call today to set up a consultation!